Saturday, January 07, 2017

A Big Apple Circus Story on a Sad Day in Oakland

A cold grey empty day here in Oakland, I can’t remember a winter EVER this cold.  Even my electric blanket shivers.  If the sullen sky would only produce real rain, as was predicted, what  poetic relief that would bring.  Nothing.

This morning, a discovery on my PC of the full details of the auction to come for everything Big Apple Circus.  It brings the truth of what has just happened before our eyes home.  

And, then, this email from Gareth Denham, only moments ago.  It touched me.  So in sync with my mood.  I don’t know Garaeth. Maybe some of you do.  I'm posting this because it’s part of Big Apple Circus history, and I fear that from now on out, Big Apple Circus is history.

I feel a certain solace in the act of sharing it with you ...

From Gareth Denham

I've suddenly found myself with time to catch up on one of my favorite things, circuses, and thought I'd drop you a short note. 

In 1981, I was 16 and living in Baltimore when the Big Apple Circus made one of its first trips out of New York.  When they left, I went with them and spent the rest of that summer and the next traveling with them.  It was exciting and romantic and I was in awe of the people I met — Buckles Woodcock, Philippe Petite, Michael and Karyn Christensen, John Harriott, Dolly Jacobs, Ben Williams... — late at night I would sit and listen to Buckles tell stories for hours....

One day, though, Michael Christensen sat me down and strongly suggested that I "run away from the circus and join real life". Reluctantly, I did that. I settled down, raised a family.  The work ethic I learned from everyone in the circus served me well as I have just retired from a career at UPS.  (I delivered packages to Nicole Feld when she was just a teenager living in Maryland!)

So I just wanted to say, to you, thanks for stories, and  to Michael and Karyn wherever they are...thank you for pushing me to run away.  I did okay with my life, and I hope they would be proud of me.

~Gareth Denham

 Thanks, for taking the time to reach out to me-us, Gareth.  And congratulations on your life turning out so well!


Anonymous said...

Just saw a notice about "The New Big Apple Circus" at which is different than bigapplecircus.ORG

Showbiz David said...

How very interesting.

Yes, I found it.


Anonymous said...

Just saw the news of Ringling closing for good. FINALLY the business is over.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this article about the Big Apple Circus winter quarters being sold?:

Anonymous said...

Midway Flash!...Midway Flash!

Big Apple Circus sold at auction! Latest news here: