Sunday, May 01, 2016

What a Joke! Where are the Elephants??

Update: A few hours after the so-called live streaming yesterday, I linked onto it again, and this
time it began with the elephants coming in, and the darkness was no longer there. I am wondering
if we were purposely kept in the dark and forced to endure audio only just BEFORE the last parade of the elephants.

If so, a tacky promotion. The Felds have a way of being brilliant one moment, banal the next.

Posted on May 1:

I've been at the Ringling Facebook page, inviting me to watch the live stream.  And I've been in the dark, all the while, listening to Ringling staff members talk about elephant cancer research, about the preservation angle, millions to charity, and about the new show coming up, which sounds quite dazzling -- ice to air to cement, I suppose.


What a fiasco.  Were we being teased?

Maybe it's my PC.

I think I missed the Big Show -- or maybe the elephants escaped, too nervous or distraught or depressed to call it a day, a year, a season, a career. Fearing a loss of public attention, of kids and peanuts and fun things to do in bright colored rings.


Anonymous said...

You can now view the two videos at this link:

Anonymous said...

The issue is related to the user end of the video. Meaning either your connection or computer was the cause. Ringling has no control over the Facebook hardware and infrastructure. Over 10 thousand people watched live.

Showbiz David said...

I've never had the experience of a video giving me audio with no picture.
My impression is that the elephants were to appear at 7:45, but did not come until
around fifteen minutes later, after we were subjected to a rather smarmy stream of
Feld-style promos.