Saturday, March 05, 2016

MIDWAY FLASH! ... MIDWAY FLASH! ... America's Biggest Big Top Calling it Quits? Cole Bros.Circus Cancels 2016 Tour, Per NC Azalea Festival

Update 3/6/16 3:55 pm PST:  
This just in from Barry Lipton: "Perhaps another ominous sign.  Renee Storey's Facebook profile now lists her as working for the Diocese of Orlando.  Up through last year, she was the long time Vice President for Administration for Cole Bros."

North Carolina Azalea Festival reporting that Cole Bros. Circus will not be touring in 2016.

They claim that word came to them from Cole Bros. itself.

According to Star News Online, the Festival issued a release on Feb. 11 reporting the news.  However, on the same day, circus spokesman Bill Carter denied the claim.

The show's website is currently off line.  However, a message appears, "we are currently updating this site."

Festival officials tried reaching Cole office -- main telephone number was disconnected.

Cole played the Festival for over 30 years.

I'll keep following this story, first brought to my notice by Barry Lipton.

Cole title goes back to 1884, same year the five Ringling brothers started up their own circus.


Anonymous said...

The push for Cole Bros to go out is still happening...

Harry Kingston said...

I hope they give it a darn big push as this fan does not wont to loose Cole Bros.
The jackpots with Pugh and Elvin are worth any price of admission.
Garden Bros is already playing many Cole dates up the East coast.
Harry in Texas

Showbiz David said...

Maybe Kelly Miller will grab some?
Hope you get another season of jackpots, Harry
This from my new tablet.