Monday, February 23, 2015

Ratings Dive at the Oscars -- 8 Million Fewer Viewers

 Blasted by critics, strip tease host Neil Patrick Harris

I find it amusing, excuse me.  Not that I don't like the show.  I simply don't watch it.  In fact, I don't watch any awards shows -- they all consume too much time.

Back when Bob Hope MCd (No, even I was not around when Abraham Lincoln earned his Lifetime Achievement Award), seems the thing was over in an hour or two

* Now, the night-filling affair can feel like a marathon run out in slow motion so they can stuff it with as many commercials as possible.

So if you really really like a lot of those cool ads out there, here is your dream ticket, I suppose.

Any other guesses why the lowest ratings in six years?

* Stars fawning over each other.

* Long winded acceptance speeches.

* Political rants by sainted icons.

* Too many bad  movies nominated for Best Picture. Come on, Academy, force yourself to select only five of the top worst.  Oops, I mean the top best.  It's just that, like take last year, for example: Only two of the 9 films you nominated engaged or entertained me, and I suffered them all -- except for those I could not bear to suffer through. And if that's the best today's film makers can turn out, you are in deep trouble.

* Competition from Big Bang Theory reruns.

Still, 36 million is nothing to cry about.

Look at it this way, Oscar, you easily beat out Sound of  Music -- and Hot in Cleveland.

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