Friday, January 30, 2015

French Circus Festival Loves Animals -- Spreads Medals World Wide -- Germany Tops with Three -- U.S. Lands Two

Here are the results of the 2015 Massy International
 Circus Festival in France

Prize of the President of the Republic
Sokolov Troupe (Russia)  teeterboard

Gold Medals
Duss Family (Germany)   sea lions
Picasso Jr.  (Spain)   juggling
Zhang Fan (China)   slack wire

Silver Medals
Sacha Houcke & Gaby Dew (France)  liberty horses
Josef Richter Troupe  (Hungary)      bareback riders
Jordan McNight (United States)      contortion

Bronze Medals
Adriana Folco (Italy)      elephants
Duo Vanegas (Colombia)   wheel of death
Carmen Zander  (Germany )             tigers
Olimpo's Brothers  (Brazil)       hand to hand

Jury Special Award
Bello Nock (United States)     clown

Rosgoscirk Prize
Kai Cao (China)       rebound juggler

City of Massy Prize
Pavel Vyakin (Russia)  bears

Brittany Circus Prize
Celine Moreno (France)  host / presenter

Strass 2000 Prize
Adriana Folco (Italy)  elephants

French Circus Club Prize
Carmen Zander (Germany)   tigers

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Douglas McPherson said...

Good to see the animal acts picking up awards - and Princess Stephanie bringing them some (inter)national press attention. Good photos of her and elephant in Daily Mail here: