Saturday, October 04, 2014

A revolutionary New Day for Watching Circuses: Big Apple Circus LIVE on Big Screens, Nationwide

I am waiting for Saturday morning, November 8,  at 9:30, when I will be inside a movie house in the Bay Area watching a live performance of the Big Apple Circus, from Lincoln Center in New York.

I can’t think of a precedent for this: A complete performance from start to finish, in real time.

We talk about watching a circus in person as being by far the best way to see it.  And, indeed, it is.  But what we are talking about is the very unpredictable nature of circus art itself, such that, sitting there in our seats, we know that at any moment danger or worse could visit the big top.

A missed triple.  A missed connection.  A wild animal going wild on its trainer.  Worse yet, getting lose and running away. 

Do you ever go to a play, a musical, a ballet, the opera, or a pop concert wondering who that day might stumble and fall, get hurt, or face the final curtain?  Do you ever fear for somebody's’ life watching great ballet dancers soaring over a stage? I do not.

And another thing:  The wow factor.  At a circus, we root for the juggler to keep all of the hoops and clubs in motion, the flyer to avoid the net.  Do you root for actors or singers in a like manner?

At a circus, we know of the darker potential realities that lurk in the shadows.  And so, watching circus performers prove their skills in the living present is what gives a circus performance a heightened power, each of the tricks the thrill of achievement before our eyes.   No second takes under the big top.  No editing before or after the act. There it is, in the beauty of indisputable raw truth. 

When Big Apple Circus, Hats off to them! --  hits the screens come November 8, another first for me: Two Big Apple shows in the same year!

Who could have ever guessed that such a day would come?

The crowds, will they come?  Have no idea.   I hope they do.  All of us who do not live in Big Apple’s limited touring range may be able to “go to” this wonderful circus every year.

Now, that’s revolutionary.   And to think, Paul Binder's troupe finally did make it out to the West Coast.



Katharine Kavanagh said...

Hi David! Do you know if there'll be any screenings in the UK?

Showbiz David said...

Hi Katharine,

I don't think so, after doing a little search, but you may wish to dig deeper. Here is their website:

Good luck!

Douglas McPherson said...

Could be a better view than ringside if they throw in some close-ups and sport-style slow-mo action replays. How about interval interviews with the flyers? What they really need, though, is to pipe in some circus smells...

Showbiz David said...

You've popped my balloon a bit. Atmosphere is a great part of a tent show. Ah, yes, the smells. As for frenetic camera close-ups, etc, please, NO! This will be interesting to see how they handle the cameras. From one seat in person at a circus, you see everything from one spot. Cameras can place you in many spots -- I hope, pray, not too many. And interviews, not while the show is going on! I just hope to see the circus straight through!!!

PAUL Binder said...

Thanks, David. We worked on this for a very long time. It's not the best way to see us or any circus, but it gives the opportunity when one can't make it live. And maybe enough revenue to stave of the "end of the road."

Showbiz David said...

Thanks, Paul,

When you say "end of the road," that makes me sad. I hope you are not suggesting BAC's days are numbered. What a pity that would be!

I can't wait to see the show.


Showbiz David said...

My Brother's going to see Big Apple Circus on the Big Screen in Farmington, Utah!

Here at the library, typing this out (I should be back on line next week, at home), his e-mail excited me, to think the circus is also playing in small towns. That's welcome news. I told him about the event, thinking he would have to go to Salt Lake City to see it, but not, it appears to be coming to his own backyard.

New York's own circus may become nationally famous over night.

Anonymous said...

Yes Dave, there is an economic side to the circus.

John Moss