Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Ageless Delight Knows No Borders, Needs No Translations


World circus day makes me feel proud to be a circus fan.

Proud to share the spirit of those for whom this day holds a special meaning, from bloggers to big top lords.

Proud to know that people in high places, as well, love the circus arts as I do.

To know that I can sit at a circus anywhere in the world and, without speaking the language of the person next to me, yet be able to share with that person the same intense emotions over an act exceptionally performed.

World Circus Day gives me a feeling of belonging to a global community of like-minded souls.   Of being connected to the young on the rise, and to the older artists still contributing – all of them sharing a  passion that I discovered as a youngster growing up, enchanted,  around the rings of Polack Bros. and Ringling, of Clyde Beatty and John Strong and Big Apple – and later, around the rings of Russia as a visitor, and then of Cirque du Soleil, still later, in Beijing and Shanghai thrilling to the same timeless wonders, infinitely varied,  cast in fresh colors, settings, and sounds.

World Circus Day: A good moment to thank Princess Stephanie, following gloriously in the footsteps of her father Prince Rainier,  and all those out there striving to make this day a respected annual date on the world calendar.

To look at these pictures is to behold the magic that keeps us coming back.

It's a very good day! 


Harry Kingston said...

Yes it makes you feel good to be a circus fan.
I can see the Price and Grace Kelly setting in the seats of Clyde Beatty Cole Bros circus with Mr. Circus him self, the one the only Clyde Beatty.
What a picture it was
Memories for us all, Ringling under canvas, Clyde Beatty circus,
King Bros, Sells and Gray, Circus Vargas, big John Strong, George Mathews great London, and D. R. Miller and his Big 5 ring circus,
Carson and Barnes wild animals circus.
I wish I could turn back the clock.
Harry in Texas

Showbiz David said...

Hi Harry,

This post drew big traffic. I'm glad I made it in time this year to do the post.

Oh, to turn back the clock. We at least have our memories, videos, movies, books, photos.

Enjoy your tenting season!