Saturday, March 29, 2014

Big Top Bits: Carson and Barnes, Westward bound? .. Can You Speak Mongolian? Call Kelly-Miller! ... Cirque du Soleil Makes Another Bid for Great White Way Respect

Intriguing movement west:   Following their radiant website (still think it might be the best out there), I see that Carson and Barnes are jumping down into Las Cruces, New Mexico, which makes me wonder if they're flirting with a bigger jump into the Golden State? ...  Or maybe at least as far as Tinsel Town suburbs.  I've a yen for their tinsel tents, hear they have a new ringmaster who quite pleases Harry Kingston, no fan of the departing orator, known for the pony tail ...

Kelly Miller can't stop sharing:  Steve Copeland may have left the lot, but now we have "Hello From Kelly Miller," penned by Clara Sayre for Circus Report, in which she shares details of the backyard scene.  Clara manages the front gate, while hubby John Sayre cavorts as a one-man clown alley in the ring.  In her latest, Clara's asking for anybody who can speak Mongoloid to give a friendly shout out.  Their Mongolian contortionist finally reached the States, being able to speak almost no English.  Show has ordered translation materials to assist  in communication.   "If anybody reading this knows Mongolian," writes Sayre, "message me to help!" ...

END RINGERS: World Circus Day falls on April 19th .... Don Covington, recently back from abroad, detailing in Circus Report  the many circuses and circus festivals and meets to take in Over There.  "Where in the world could you find such a diverse group of circus devotees?  The Monte Carlo Festival reigns supreme as the Oscar ceremony of the circus world.'" ... Cirque du Soleil can't let Broadway alone; they've hired a big stage gun with deep credits to make another try of it .. Also, down Mexico way,  Cirque building a 600-seat theatre, in which patrons will buy a dinner and show combo ... Only 600 seats?  How humbling for the Montreal monster.  Back to baby steps, perhaps ... Heck, Carson and Barnes has more than six hundred seats!


Harry Kingston said...

Hi David,
Just got back from seeing Carson and Barnes in San Leon, Tx and they had a full house by the water on green grass and no mud.
Inside the tent was just perfect not hot or cold but perfect circus viewing weather.
They have added some new acts that will please and more glitz and glamor in there production numbers.
This is a family oriented circus and the Circus family plus the Byrd, Parra and Cavallini make you feel at home there.
Yes the new Ringmaster is a great way to start the performance with his young looks, many new ringmaster outfits, and his voice you can understand every word said under the big top.
Yes, the circus is heading West some as to there route posted says.
It is always great to visit on Carson and Barnes and today especially as we got to with Kristin and Julio to a seafood eatery by the water and enjoyed some jumbo Texas style fried shrimp.
It was a great day in all aspects to see the circus as it used to be under the bigtop.
Harry in Texas

Showbiz David said...

Hi Harry,

That is great, if they really are coming as far as Calif.

Glad you enjoyed your day at the circus. The face of a new ringmaster can make a big difference. I'm glad they finally made the change.

Harry Kingston said...

Kristin, told that they are well pleased with the new ringmaster.
He is asked to sign autographs and the sponsors like him.
He is young and very good looking and his ringmaster outfits look great.
You can understand every word he says clearly.
He announced to a packed house yesterday on a beautiful grassy lot and right by the water.
Was I in heaven at the tented circus and do not miss them when they come your way..
They are in Columbus,Tx,today right on I-10 heading West.
Harry in Texas