Thursday, December 12, 2013

Testy Tigers Terrify Rattled Handlers Around the Globe -- Spain, Germany, Australia, to Oklahoma

Just a family misunderstanding?  Aussie zoo senior tiger handler David Styles, in a happier frame, seen here with, possibly, the tiger who became overly affectionate.

Seeing as how the currentl post, about of all things lawn bowling, might not merit a long shelf life, this evening while half listening to the news, I punched in the word "circus" on google, and this is what most caught my eye:  Out of the NY Daily News:

SEE IT: Circus tiger tamer attacked during performance

"Danny Gottani of the Gottani Circus was in the middle of a performance when the tiger leapt at him, wrapping its arms around the trainer and swiping at the tamer."   Hundreds of spectators gasped at the horrifying scene, in a Madrid neighborhood.

Big Cage helpers turned thrashing sticks onto the attacking beast, dissuading it from deepening its vicious agenda.

Gottani hurried to hospital, with non life-threatening injuries. His mother suffered a panic attack over the ghastly spectacle.

The YouTube posting references several other tiger tantrums around the globe, to wit:

Oklahoma zoo worker, her hand bitten by a tiger, blamed for reaching into the cage and "violating his space."

Siberian tiger kills zoo keeper in German   And ...

Aussie zoo tiger handler mauled.  Senior tiger handler, David Styles,  recovering following surgery at local hospital.  During a Sumatran tiger demo, he was mauled by an "overly feisty feline," taking a bite from his neck.  

See what I came up with by punching in "circus' on the google line?  Consider it a token break from the yawn of lawn bowling, where the only attacks are shockingly indiscreet verbal outbursts. 

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