Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Morning with Don Marcks: Talking Up The Next Season, Wondering What Shows Would Come Our Way ...

Reading back through a letter I received from Don in 1956, some six months before Big Bertha (Ringling-Barnum) would meet its tented end in Pittsburgh,  I was reminded of how much fun it was hearing from him and talking about circuses we might be able to see the next season.  The talking part likely did not happen until I lived closer and local phone calls were far cheaper than those between El Cerrito, where Don lived, and Santa Rosa, my home.

Just discussing the possibility that, say, Carson and Barnes would make the west coast, was amply exciting.  Even then, it might begin with something Don had heard, and over time, the routing rumor would either pan out or pan under.

We were two fans sharing a mutual interest in looking forward to taking in more big tops shows.

Here, from Don's letter to me:

"On Tuesday, Feb. 7th, there will be a small indoor circus at the high school in Petaluma [about 10 miles south of Santa Rosa].  I plan to attend and if you should perhaps be there, I'd bring along the horses for you then [for my burgeoning model circus] - let me know for sure about this ...

"So far, I haven't heard a thing about circuses for this part of the country so I am rather anxious to learn what  will be coming up for us during this season.

"Last year, I saw Polack, Beatty, Tex Carson, Ringling, Ward Bell, and Disneyland circuses so I hope that I can do as well again this year."

And what might Don have looked forward to this past season in Northern California?  I'll just name the shows that I can recall, although I've not seen them all: Circus Oz, Circus Bella, Ringling, Circus Vargas, Cirque du Soleil (not sure he would have jumped to that title), and, no doubt, he might have known of a few others, smaller shows, that missed my routing radar.

It was fun looking forward, speculating, in a way ... dreaming ...

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