"Every crowd has a silver lining" - P. T. Barnum

"Every crowd has a silver lining" - P. T. Barnum
Wonderful quote, which I found on Johnny Pugh's Facebook Page -- a sparkling midway of some great Bill Carter photos, historic videos and mementos. The spirit of the old Cole soul comes alive!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Showbiz David Does the Kelly Miller Coloring Book!

This is my first page colored in.

I thank John Ringling North II, who recently sent me a copy of the coloring book -- which has, as you can see, stirred me back to my crayon craze -- along with the program magazine, a DVD of this year's show, AND a package of those ever-scintillating Peterson Peanuts.  I feel reconnected to my inner Dali, by golly!

Likely more coloring book pages to follow, so, be warned ...

As those in the know know, when the House of Ringling knocks, I must answer!


Harry Kingston said...

You must really rate and all that from the owner of the circus.
I bet when you open the peanuts, you won a balloon.
And those are the best peanuts on the road today.
Did you ever get anything like that from Ringling for FREE!!!!!!
Harry in Texas

Showbiz David said...

NO balloon, thanks for bringing that up, Harry. I am now a POUTING child; HOW could they do that to ME?
Sometimes, as somebody once said, Life is NOT fair.

Even at the circus.