Saturday, April 21, 2012

Today is World Circus Day

Did you know?

I'll be watching the media to see if anything is said.

Thanks to the Europeans, particularly to the powers of Monaco, World Circus Day is at least a theory.

So, let us briefly reflect.

What form of entertainment has no televised annual awards?

What form of entertainment has no name stars nationally covered in popular media?

In what form of entertainment are the vast majority of shows produced rarely -- and more likely never -- reviewed by popular media?

What form of entertainment, unlike all others, has no objective system for tracking and reporting on the number of tickets it sells to its performances?

What form of entertainment gives out so many free kids tickets to promote patronage?

What form of entertainment somehow fearlessly soldiers on despite relentless public pressure, threat of legislation, and sporadic protests, to eliminate one of its central components, performing animals?

Happy World Circus Day!


Ryan Easley said...

I think your last statement is spot-on. Thank you. I will definitely be sharing.

Showbiz David said...

Thank you for sharing, Ryan.