Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Bring You Those Ringlings ... They're Back!

Seen in the above photo, sent to me by Shirley Ringling North, are, from left, Bob Carroll, John Ringling North II, his wife, Shirley, John Ringling North III, Katherine North (now Carroll), Sorcha North, and Mark Byrne. They represent the John Ringling branch of the family.

Shirley promises me more photos, presumably one including Charles Ringling, who, by representing the Charles Ringling branch, effectively re-joins two once fractious lines.

August Ringling and Salome Ringling, parents of the original seven brothers, should be smiling down from up there on the Big Lot.

Gaze at the strong steady face of the man in the middle. I see the granite will I felt when I interviewed John Ringling North. I see a long future ahead for the restored House of Ringling.

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