Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sneak Peak Inside the Changing Circus: Music Without Bombast ...

A soundscape of haunting impressions, so far far a cry from Karl King and George Gershwin

Like it or not, with due regards to the windjammers (Yes, I too listen to those wonderful old tapes of Ringling windjammers blowing high across the rings), "circus music" changes, as it forever must. Bagpipes in the band? Perhaps once up in Bonnie Scotland.

Come to think of it, bagpipers once made a grand appearance at Polack Bros Circus. So there.

Here is your test for today: from this following passage in the book (yes, that book, only $19.95 on Amazon, by the way), from what country might such scoring come?

"... delicately seductive charts seem to find their gentle tunefulness in the moods of nature, from a sequence suggesting a tinkling dance of raindrops down a mountainside (for a rolla bolla number) to a lonely spare landscape on a windy night, chorally evoked, that invites patient respect for the slowly shifting positions of a trio of young contortionists bound together in sacred concentration."

The country? The show?

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Steve Copeland said...

Not sure what your e-mail is, so I will leave this message here.
Jim Royal lent me his copy of "Inside The Changing Circus", and I was browsing through it today.
I just wanted to thank you for the compliments paid to me and Ryan, including the huge honor of placing our photo in the same chapter containing pictures of Otto Griebling, Barry Lubin, Karandash, and Emmett Kelly.
Thank you for our first big break into circus literature.

Steve Copeland

Showbiz David said...

My pleasure, Steve -- and Ryan.

Sorry the image is a bit grainy. I showed it and a few others that Jim Royal allowed me to use to friend Boyi, and he made the final pick. We liked the clarity of some of the others, but thought this one seems to nail the essence of clowning.

I think all of us respect your passion, dedication, and creativity. You guys represent well the face of the young, without whom the circus would have no future. And comedy in any venue, they say, is one of the toughest acts to bring off.

Enjoy your sawdust shenanigans!

klsdad said...

Answer.. Page 71!!

I'm starting my 2nd reading tonight..

Sure enjoy your literary style!!



Guy said...

Just received Inside the Changing Circus. Will be using it, and Fall of the Big Top for thesis. You up for an interview?

Showbiz David said...


Thank you very much for your kind feedback. When somebody wants to take another ride, that is the best of all signs.

I hope you will consider posting a review on the website where you purchased the book. Including any reservations you have, of course. It would be most appreciated.

Yes, you got the music question right! I would love to get a CD of the score. Not possible. An "A" grade for you.

Showbiz David said...


Thanks for your interest in interviewing me. Please e-mail me: