Saturday, December 10, 2011

Water For Elephants Coming My Way Again -- Tonight ... & My Quck Picks of the Best Looking Circus Blogs, Up Front ...

I'm looking forward to seeing a movie that didn't much impress me when it came out, Water for Elephants. Maybe the second time around will be a charm. I've grown accustomed, believe it or not, to Ring of Fear.

Heck, man can't live by The Greatest Show on Earth alone.

This morning, piddling around, I was struck by the appealing graphics of a blog I may never have seen before -- The Circus Blog. So I decided to take an immediate first impression look at all the blogs to see how the others measured up in visuals that instantly speak CIRCUS.

Here are my three top picks:

The Circus Blog

The Balloon Man

Crash Moreau's Circus Visits

Amazed at how many blogs out there aren't really all that visually captivating upon first glance.

I should hire a computer nerd off Craigslist to help me update mine.

Still, it's the content that counts. You've no doubt watched, maybe some of you every day, the Steve and Ryan blog. I wouldn't ring any awards around its visuality other than to say it has it's own quirky look. Ironically, I've seen Steve's very attractive website, but I've not been back since my first visit.

Sometimes, the written word still prevails.


Harry Kingston said...

Yes sir Ring of Fear is a good movie as well as The Greatest Show on Earth.
Waynes Batjac productions did well in using Cinemascope process to show the circus in wide screen.
My only personel gripe is they used Warner color which was the new Eastman color process back then.
Ring of Fear just does not have the Technicolor richess the Greatest show does.
Paramount's Three Ring Circus with Martin and Lewis shows what the Clyde Beatty Circus would look like in Technicolor.
But Ring of Fear shows the one the only Clyde Beastty at work in the steel arena in color.
They stared filming in Galveston, Texas for Ring of Fear in 3-D and had a parade and but 3-D went out quick so all that footage was scraped and started again in Arizona.
I wish there was some way us fans could get a DVD of the outakes from Ring of Fear as I know Roger Smith, Dave Price and I would be the first on the list for one.
Ring of Fear is still good circus watching for us circus fans.
Harry in Texas

Showbiz David said...


You make an interesting point about the superiority of the cinematography for GSOE over RofR. I hadn't thought about that.
Ring offers a lot, likable people, circus acts, circus set up logistics, some good background music during the romantic scenes, and best of all, the psycho ending up in the box car, screaming as we can picture him being torn to pieces by the escaped cat. I wish that sound effect would have gone on longer! Oh, yes, and I love the two minor characters, the funny Mexican guy and the clown with a drinking problem.