Sunday, September 16, 2012

Showbiz David Inks Contract for His Next Book as Expert Witness Boyi Makes it Official

From June 28, 2012 -- when I could only hope it might do well.

Sunday morning in the tea tent (L’Amyx), my friend Boyi Yuan joined me for an official contract signing, staged on the spur of the blurry moment, but it’s the occasion that matters, right?

What a rousing crowd was Boyi! Amusingly, he turns into an actor whenever a camera is near, which makes taking photos with and around him such a joy. So true in China last year. Whatever the atmosphere or event, this Boyi will find yet another face on his face to match it.

Here, he’s pushing us all (me, he, and a reluctant camera guy behind the counter) to give the victorious moment a little more fun and fizz. If only we could have rehearsed! (The camera guy Chris, whose day job is tea tending, is not union; in fact, he may never have shuttered a digital until this impromptu event. But he gave it his all.)

The contract had arrived just the day before from BearManor Media, who will publish my next book, Inside the Changing Circus.

Handing the contract to Boyi, I thought he'd want to look it over. “I’ll look it over,” said he, “but I won’t read it.”

More about my new book later. It was a rewarding challenge to work on. Even a breeze. Now I’m in contact with some wonderful sources for photos I hope to obtain. This is the fun part. I will tell myself that over and over again when the worst part — preparing an index — stalks me later in the production process.

Perfect sunny morning along Piedmont Avenue. Hojicha rice tea from Japan in my cup. Ella, her voice missing from the soundtrack for many months, has magically returned, singing classics like “Let’s face the music and dance.”

Thank you, Boyi, for sharing my excitement with your usual class. Soon enough, I will once again be singing to myself, “Let’s face the presses and pray.”*


*Boy--i have been lucky on this one.


Jack Ryan said...

Congratulations on the book contract!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations David. If the content lives up to the title it will truly be an interesting read. Estimated publish date?


Showbiz David said...

Thanks, guys. Wild guess (publisher does not yet have all materials from me): 6-10 months

Harry Kingston said...

That sounds great on the new circus book and put me on the list for an autographed copy.
What shows do you need pictures of????
I cannot to read itand as we all know times have changed for our circuses.
Harry in Texas

Anonymous said...

That's fabulous David! Wish I could have been there for the GRAND SIGNING OF THE CONTRACT. I love the pict of you and Boyi. Can't wait till the book comes out.