Friday, June 24, 2011

A Break From Heaven For Big Apple Circus: Show Spared the Indignities of Performing at Ball Parks

What a blessed relief! The ballpark dates have been canceled, part of a bigger promotional package that fell through.

I trust everyone connected to Big Apple Circus is, or should soon be once they come to their senses, elated to be spared such an artistic nightmare. This wonderful circus, a national treasure, deserves so much more than to be cast in a beer can setting.

Call me naive: I feel a better day coming on. Thank you up there, Gods of Higher Circus Art.

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Alan Cabal said...

Whoever came up with that ballpark idea should be practicing saying "Do you want fries with that?"

I am delighted to hear that no one will be subjected to the humiliation of attempting to entertain a ballpark crowd with circus acts. The shiftless deadbeats on Eighth Avenue have had quite a number of bad ideas over the years, but this one was the absolute worst.

BAC needs to cut the office staff to the bone, and hire some people who know how to promote a show. I'm available, for the right price.