Sunday, April 17, 2011

Twittering the Facts: Circus Bella Tours Utah; C & B Takes Calif.; Vargas Lands Hollywood; Boston Critic Calls Big Apple's Latest "a Misstep"

Jumpsuit Jugglers: the Circus Bella way

They're on the move, tweet! tweet! Big tents and baby tents. The Ring springs eternal (oops, I promised up there just the facts) ... Oakland's own Circus Bella, new kid on the midway, landing a slate of dates in Mormon country. And giving them away ... Carson & Barnes enters California this Friday at 29 Palms. Trouping northward from there, wearing one-a-day hearts again, headed, so far, my way. Hope to see the Byrds in berets, tweet tweet!

Big Apple Circus, going where? Up in Boston, Herald critic Jill Radsken went to work posting her positives in a notice laced with telling reservations: Among the qualms --- just the facts, yes! -- "sometimes it does fall short of its own high standards ... circus-goers may be left feeling as though producers simply ran out of ideas this season ... perennial favorite Barry 'Grandma' Lubin was very much present, even if under-utilized ... Comic Mark Gindick replaced his clown act with repetitive dance moves, and let's be honest: Gindick can't boogie." ... Twittery implications: Not much of a sendoff, that, for new man artistically in charge -- Guillaume Dufresnoy. Read on....

Twitter Alert! Inside Gotham source forecasts press release from BAC, guts of which suggest the circus of Paul Binder (himself now certifiably retired) may be slipping itself onto a path of premature self-retirement ... Tweet!

Circus Vargas Plays Hollywood: Show, tenting up in tinsel town May12-16, may enjoy product placement (based on the video tease) in new flick Water for Elephants, soon to hit the screens. I'm all atwitter with Greyhound bus ticket in hand ... Also new to the screen is a flick, Circo, just given high marks by the New York Times, said by reviewer Jeannette Catsoulis to paint a very mixed picture of a typical small struggling Mexican family circus, not every member of the family thrilled with life under a little top. Sayz Catsoulis, film "offers a touching chronicle of a dying culture harnessed to ambitions that remain very much alive. Never mind the declining attendance, collapsing economy, backbreaking debt and intra-family emotions; to Tino his circus is still the greatest show on earth." Twitter this not: "It soon becomes clear that the animals are not the only ones who are caged." Oh, those loyal and loving Mexican ring types, tweet tweet!

Maybe Circus Bella has the right formula. Keep your day jobs and coordinate vacation time to play spot dates in Utah. Just don't call yourself The Book of Mormon Circus ... Twitter me out ...


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