Friday, August 06, 2010

Morning Midway: Glimpses and Guesses About Semi- Elusive Cole Bros. Circus of Stars in 2010

Their updated website is fresh, vibrant, dazzling, intimately engaging. The lineup looks fairly promising -- not exactly content heavy, but covering some strong basics and culminating in a power fest down the home stretch.

I wish I'd seen Cole Bros. Circus of the Stars at Brooklyn. Like so many shows, it takes sleuthing or inside connections (sometimes a guessing game) to ferret out these shows well enough in advance to slate rails east. If you live in California, most of them are way east.

Anyway, I spotted a brief nod for Cole at Brooklyn under "things to do" in NY Time Out. Inspired me to revisit their website, and here are some images.

A photo of the tent looks like it's been expanded in size, which, if so, suggests business is up. How novel that would be!

Program items on paper that fancy my yearnings: The Flying Ponces,
a cloud swing aerial ballet and "lofty lyres" moving into a circus parade, closing out the first part. Lots of animals, a funny number called "Mr. and Mrs. Clown's Wacky Taxi Trip." End-stretch acts include a free-style motor show; globe of death and, as always, the Elvin Bale mandated (I assume) cannon blast off.

I've not hunted down a single review of the show, which is not a great surprise.

I hope the season does well and makes Johnny Pugh a happy trouper.

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