Thursday, March 04, 2010

Disney Florida to Offer "Interactive" Three Ring Tent Circus; Also Mulling Dumbo for Broadway

Touted the "largest expansion" in Magic Kingdom Theme Park history, Disney breaking ground on four new neighborhoods in Fantasyland. One will invite patrons to participate in a "series of interactive experiences" under an air-conditioned three-ring circus tent. Three rings, how interesting; maybe they never really went away? Looking at this photo of a scale model of the expansion underway, note how it combines circus and carnival. Dumbo (you may know him/her as the flying elephant) will have a starring presence.

Not sure what "interactive" means here, but the idea of a full circle movie dazzling our senses with three rings of action sounds terrific. I was thinking along these lines when I made my suggestions for a new kind of Circus World Museum show. Indeed, techno-cinematography may someday revive a glorious 1920s big top experience. Perhaps I will live to see it from a wall-mounted Hi-Def TV in a nursing home.

Over to you, Broadway: Disney also rumored to be mulling stage musical adaptation of its animation classic Dumbo. Michael Riedel reporting in the New York Post that Mickey Mouse big shots approached Billy Elliot director Stephen Daldry about staging the project; no interest, so the Magic Kingdom search continues. But nobody's promising anything definite at this point. Somehow, Dumbo on stage sounds like a singing bomb to me. Peter Pan on steroids, anybody?

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if they will be hiring circus acts?
i think i see some room left behind for some trailers to be parked !