Thursday, January 01, 2009

Not the Same Parade Without Stephanie ... No Wonder She's Back on KTLA

Gorgeous weather for the annual Rose Parade. How I wish I were there. Many inspiring floats, as usual.

I looked for the KTLA-TV broadcast, but it's no longer aired in the Bay Area. How I have missed wonderful Stephanie Edwards, who co-hosted with Bob Eubanks for many years. She has been missing in action for two parades, the victim of a callous, stupidly calculated termination to replace her with a younger woman that outraged, as it should, thousands of Southern Californians.

To me, effervescent Stephanie epitomized the best of the sunny SoCal spirit.

Then I did some research and discovered to my joy that KTLA has returned Stephanie to her rightful place in the broadcast booth! So, dreams still can come true in dreamland. Go, L.A.!

Maybe now that she's back, KTLA coverage will soon return to the Bay Area.

Happy New Year, Stephanie, and many more parades!


Anonymous said...

We enjoyed watching them on the Travel Channel this morning doing the parade.


Showbiz David said...

Thanks, I am hoping that KTLA will run it on their website. I would LOVE to see Stephanie's return.

Anonymous said...


Sooooooooo, dreams can still come true in dreamland..........HOW WONDERFUL!!!!!!! WARMS MY HEART!!!

Kathy :)