Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Season So Far Removed ...

A Holiday Blanding Out to Nothing...

Went to the local card and gift store here on Piedmont Avenue. Saddened to see so few Christmas cards for sale. People don't buy them much anymore, said the sales girl.

And they don't send them, either, not to me. I've got so few this year.

Mass e-mailings leave me cold, and are starting to push my finger on instant delete or "junk mail."

Just as the Internet is a fantastic instrument for communication, so too for alienation.

At the card store, I found this image, a clever alteration of a classic Edward Hopper painting. I only sent a few to certain friends, it seems a tad subversive. I love it.

Back in the older bolder mood, may I say to everyone who now and then visits this blog, From Baraboo to Brazil, L.A. to London, Sarasota to Shanghi, Hugo to Montreal to Moscow and Rome ... even somewhere down there in South Africa ...

Merry Christmas, perhaps?


Don said...

Merry Christmas to you, David.

Keep up the good work.

Your blog adds an interesting new dimension to contemporary circus.

All the best,

Don Covington

Wade G. Burck said...

I agree. You can learn more about facts issues, if you are not force fed cotton candy. I just wish he didn't hate circus so much, after all at one point, "it took him in and made him one of it's own." Or at least that's what the friendly environment would suggest. LOL
Wade Burck

Pat Cashin said...

Merry Christmas, Showbiz Dave!

From one clown to another,

Showbiz David said...

Pat, you got that right! -): And thanks, Don and Wade, for your affirming sentiments. Gosh, did somebody not say there is a thin line between love and hate? That's my high wire rush.