Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Quiz (Please Give it a Chance!): Gaze at This Photo and Tell Me ...

...which of these brothers Ringling would you choose to meet if you had a chance to spend an hour with him ... over tea or coffee, and be able to ask him questions about the circus? (Clockwise, from top left: Al, Charles, Alf T., John -- or you can choose Otto, not seen here, if you like.)

And please tell us WHY.

Yes, I risk another flop quizorama if nobody from my visiting multitude of five leaves a comment -- yet a plight to which I have grown humbly accustomed.

And so I soldier on. And you? Are you reading me at work? If so,isn't this more fun than whatever it is you are supposed to be doing? -):


henry edgar said...

i'd probably pick charles because he seems to be the one most involved in running the show on a day by day basis

Ned said...

I would have liked to sat down with Otto and discussed the business end of the show