Monday, July 09, 2018

A Cave of Compassion: The Miracle of Humanity at its Best


Never can I recall being so moved by a rescue operation, in this instance, the rescue of the 12 Thai boys from the cave.

"Now, there were eight!" came news on the radio this morning. Eight freed.  Five to go.  Never had the sound of an ambulance -- rushing another freed boy to the hospital -- given rise to such joy and jubilation    It was hard to sleep last night, fearing something too terrible to put into words.   The world was watching.  The world was praying -- and connecting.  And so was I.  Navy seals and scuba divers from far and wide were coming to aid in the rescue.  Experts in related fields were coming.  Collectively, the genius of engineering and navigation and problem-solving, people from may lands collaborating, showed the world at its life-affirming best.

The 2-1/2 mile route they must take (horrifying to contemplate), is a winding snake in the dark through treacherous terrain, at one point, down to 15 inches wide.  It is fraught with danger. And yet, the heroic rescuers are finding ways and saving lives.  Not a new story, but a story worth telling and respecting over and over.

Images on TV are what have  made it all so real.  On the faces of those young soccer players, there shines patience and hope and trust in the world to help them find a way out.  On those sweet innocent faces, a spirit that captures your heart.

Here are some photos, which tell the story much better than I could.

 Some of the boys and their coach.
When early this morning, out of bed,  I saw on the TV that they and their coach were all out of the cave, and beheld  pictures of cheering rescue workers and parents, and of Thai people on the streets singing and chanting in celebration, I wept.

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Kathy said...

David, I relived the story as you told it. How I prayed for their recovery too. And I also wept when I heard they had all, indeed, been recovered!!! Oh my heart!! And, as you stated, The Miracle of Humanity at it's Best