Sunday, January 29, 2017

Coming Next: It Didn't Have to Happen -- The Second Rise and Final Fall of Ringling, from John Ringling North to Kenneth Feld


Unknown said...

Looking forward to the "Coming Next:" I just emailed Vanity Fair asking them to do a cover story on the circus. I took the liberty of suggesting an outline, or points to cover, not just RBB&B closing, but what of the animals and what (doubt any) involvement the HSUS and PETA will play in their new life? Also, how this impacts smaller circuses that dot our American landscape? It's worth a shot. Papers covered the closing of RBB&B much like they did the elephants leaving the center ring; in passing. I was hoping for flashy front page articles on the style and opinion sections. Nope. Just passing references to nostalgia. Ugh! Hope to get a nibble. Will let you know. -grp.

Showbiz David said...

Hi Guy,

I hope Vanity Fair moves on your idea. It certainly deserves major coverage, and I have to think that one of the magazines will take it on, or a TV network will in time give it major attention, like, say, Sixty Minutes.

When Ringling shut down the big top in 1956, it made a big spread in Life magazine, and was actively covered everywhere. But those times were far more favorable to circus.

Hope you can land something!