Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday Slide Bys: Don’t Slip Over a Peanut, Inside May be a Fortune too Good to Smash

Dum De Dum Dum... First Draft Reckless ... 

LET'S SEE, WHAT'S HERE, or out there, or say, simmering on the Mother Board of my mind.  A tad teased, I am, by two recent Circus Report reviews, one, by John Polacsek,  of the Shrine Flint program stubbornly staged within three real rings, and actually, more than once, filling those rings with three separate acts!  Another moment, 10 gals in the air on webs (Okay to use the words “gals”?)  The 3-ring option I am still a fan of ...  Then there's a very different circus, called Cirque Italia, this one without animals, and this one with a ring that rises way up to reveal, still down below, a circular pool of water. Show bills itself “World’s First Water Circus” (okay, we’ll skip what the Russians once did with water). Review is by Billy Earl ... In this sprawling circus-can-be-anything universe in which we now live, you’ve got choices, you do! — and sometimes, a different choice might be worth trying....

DE DUM DUM ... Okay, so I got something out here in a jiffy.  Hope you are still connected halfway myway — yeah, your damn smartie phone won’t leave you alone. Know why? Because you won’t let it leave you alone.  More on this thread up ahead, maybe ...

PONDERING A MOUNTING MYSTERY:  Petite Chinese acrobat named Wei Cao , reported missing  from the Ringling show in Atlanta since Monday, still apparently missing.  I'm  hopping she is okay, wherever she is ... Did you know that The Sound of Music is aiming for another  Broadway revival, due to open days.  Okay, now you know.  Amazing that the last of the Rodgers & Hammerstein musicals turned out to be by far their most commercially successful show.  And it still sounds great ...

DOWN HERE, yeah, I know, not much to thrill you up there?   Well, even Chuck Burnes, in Circus Report may not thrill those freak show addicts, for, thank the Gods of Victorian Taste, Chuck came on this week without one creepy photo.    Thanks, chuck!

I CAN DO BETTER than that.  Let me scrap through some papers nearby, back in a moment: Juggling world records, from Wiki, only thing I found still waiting to be talked up --- But then, my ego getting smashed down again sounded better.  It happened from a hate mail attack, while back, by some big A (Anonymous),  hating what I wrote about Anthony Gatto, which fairy — and then excitingly — stunned me.  I have raved over and over again about my encounter with the extraordinary juggler, me in the seats of Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza, he in the ring, discovering him on my very own.  You can put out a post 95% positive, but curse that 5% you dared say.  Say ONE BAD THING about a circus show, a performer, dead or alive, and you are a vicious stupid ill-informed idiot — besides which, you don’t know what you the h##!!!xxx!!L  you are talking about!

GATTO CORRECTED:  One thing Mr. Anonymous Fuming pointed out, for which I stand properly scolded, is that Gatto did appear with a number of European shows.  I’ll take Big A’s word for it, too lazy at the moment to dig deeper.

WE HAVE GONE, yes, practically no where, and wasn’t it a boring blast?   HELLO!  Do you HEAR ME?  Will you please put down your damn smartie phone for one moment?

I CAN'T WAIT to be sitting in a restaurant with some fiends, only, wanting to say something to the person next to me, finding he or she is on the phone. So, I will CALL he or she on my cell phone, and that way, right there next to each other, we can have a real cell phone conversation.  What a pathetic race of electronically-enclaved morons we are tuning ourselves into.

IT'S BEEN MY pleasure pretending to know what I’m talking about.  But, hey, If I think of anything better than this during the day, I’ll come back here and let you know.

A deal?

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