Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Coming Soon, Maybe: Showbiz David Compares Two Critics Judging the Same Acts at Monte Carlo 2014.

Of what a value are the marks of a judge?

Is there such a thing as honest judging?

How to know who is on the take.


Harry Kingston said...

You need to go to Monte Carlo and show them what knowledge of acts through the years and what you know about circuses etc.
You would be a first class judge in every respect.
Show those so called judges a thing or too.
Harry in Texas

Showbiz David said...


Harry, you make me laugh. I am having fun comparing what two writers said about the same acts at Monte Carlo. Any review is only one person's opinion. Yours is just as credible as mine.

If I was not so averse to flying, I would go over just to watch the show.

Enjoy your Texas tents! If you see Carson and Barnes, please tell them to come my way.


Harry Kingston said...

I am glad I gave you chuckle or two.
You know many times what those so called judges do.
yes I am like you on flying.
I remember back when I was in local tv we covered a first time trip from Beaumont to Dallas.
They were serving drinks and we hit an air pocket and the plane dropped down quick and the liquid in those drinks flew out of the cups.
I saw the flight attendant coming with towels.
I was white knuckles and holding on to the seat.
They gave us a free ticket and I gave mine to the reporter.
Also I spotted fluid coming out of the cowling around the prop.
I kissed the ground when we landed.
Also in my years of tv filming I could have gone in a flying tiger and said to hell with that as he did a loop to loop etc and told the reporter if he wanted film here is the camera.
Harry in Texas