Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Morning, Looking Back: Who Are They?

Irving J. Polack and Louis P. Stern
founders, circa 1930, of Polack Bros. Circus

From difficult times, a star was born

combining thrills with carny corn
One man started out with a pan
The other glad-handed, signed and ran

Kudos to Steven!


Margaret said...

..Dave, no clues on this one.? Okay I'll guess Hamid and Morton.?

Showbiz David said...

Margaret, can't say if you are right or wrong. But look for a clue or two middle of week.

BTW:At Jordan, did you hang out, perform or pitch peanuts?

Margaret said...

..perform..LOL..your messin with me David..hung out, helped with the loadout of the cats ( I pressed the button.) I did get to help with the act a couple of times and open the door..

Steve said...

Polack and Stern?

Anonymous said...

Sam Polack (nephew of Irving J. Polack)
and Louie Stern